Institute of Applied Humanitarian Research

Інститут прикладних гуманітарних досліджень​

The Directorate of the Institute

The executive body of the Institute is the Directorate. It comprises the Executive Director, the chief accountant (accountant), and, by order of the Executive Director, other full-time employees of the Organization.

The Directorate is headed by the Executive Director.

The Directorate shall have the following powers:

  • enforcing the decisions adopted by the General Meeting, Comptroller of the Organization, and the Management Board;
  • supervising accounting and reporting of the Organization;
  • providing organizational support for the Management Board in performing its duties; arranging the preparation of sessions of the Management Board;
  • organizing due procurement; managing property in accordance with the decisions of the General Meeting and the Management Board;
  • drawing up the annual budget of the Organization and presenting it to the Management Board for approval;
  • performing all general work of the Organization, including relations with representatives of the government, the civil society and international institutions for accomplishing the statutory goals of the Organization;
  • appointing the organizing committee of the General Meeting and preparing sessions of the General Meeting;
  • publishing the annual report of the Management Board on accomplishing the statutory goals at the official website;
  • exercising other powers granted to the Directorate by this Charter, decisions of the General Meeting, and/or the Management Board.