Institute of Applied Humanitarian Research

Інститут прикладних гуманітарних досліджень​

Protection of human rights. Combating discrimination and ensuring gender equality.

The issue of protection of human and civil rights and freedoms today is the most important problem of the domestic and foreign policy of all states of the world community. It is the state of affairs in the field of ensuring the rights and freedoms of the individual, their practical implementation is the criterion by which the level of democratic development of any state and society as a whole is assessed.

Also, human rights are an issue that is directly related to every person in the world. As Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of US President D. Roosevelt, the US representative to the United Nations and one of the developers of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights put it: “Where do human rights begin? From very small places, very close to home. These places are so small that they can not be found on any map of the world. But each such place is a whole world for an individual. This is the neighborhood in which he lives, this is his school or college, this is the factory, farm or office where he works… Until these rights are filled with meaning (content) there, they will mean little elsewhere. Without concerted action by citizens to protect human rights on the streets, we have nothing to expect for improvement in the world at large. ”

In turn, human rights are based on a basic principle – the principle of equality.

After all, as defined in Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

The principle of equality and non-discrimination is the basis of the development of any society and individual.

Therefore, research on human rights, non-discrimination, and equality of people has been, is, and will be one of the main issues of the Institute.

Over the years, the Institute has conducted many studies on this topic, which can be found in the section Publications and analytical materials.