Institute of Applied Humanitarian Research

Інститут прикладних гуманітарних досліджень​

Management Board of the Institute

The Management Board is a management body of the Organization formed in accordance with Charter of the Institute and acting according to the procedures and within the authority prescribed by this Charter and the decisions of the General Meeting.

The Management Board comprises five members appointed by the General Meeting for a term of five years. One person may not be appointed to the Management Board for more than two consecutive terms.

The Management Board has the following key powers:

  • Appointing and dismissing the Head and the Deputy Head of the Management Board according to the procedure specified by this Charter;
  • Calling the General Meeting in cases and according to the procedure specified by this Charter;
  • Establishing areas of activity of the Organization (except the Strategy and the Strategic Action Plan of the Organization), adopting (approving) policy documents and internal acts of the Organization (procedures, provisions, policies, job descriptions, etc.); reviewing the Strategy and the Strategic Action Plan of the Organization and submitting them for approval to the General Meeting;
  • Appointing and early termination of authority of Executive Director;
  • Adopting the payroll schedule of the Organization and approving the amount of remuneration (salary) for full-time employees;*
  • Approving decisions to create auxiliary bodies of the Organization, establish mass media, establish or dissolve companies or separate branches (affiliates and/or representatives) of the Organization founded by, or with participation from, the Organization;
  • Approving logos, letterheads, emblems, sample seal and stamp of the Organization and other symbols of the Organization;
  • Overturning decisions of the Directorate and/or Executive Director of the Organization that contradict this Charter, the decisions of the General Meeting and/or the Management Board of the Organization
  • Decide any other issues regarding the Organization’s activities, except those that fall under the powers reserved to the General Meeting.

The decision of the General Meeting of the Institute, approved by the Minutes of the Ad hoc session of the General Meeting № 6/10-2019 of 27.12.2019, elected five members of the Board, namely:

Shekhovtsov Ihor (Head of the Management Board)
Moskvych Lydiia (Deputy Head of the Management Board)
Zhovnir Roman
Hutnyk Vitalii
Korotkyi Tymur