Institute of Applied Humanitarian Research

Institute of Applied  Humanitarian Research

Main activities

According to the Strategic Plan of the Institute for 2018-2020 (Approved by the Minutes of the Ad hoc session General Meeting of Participants of the Civil Organization № 3-10 / 2017 dated 10.09.2017), the strategic (main) activities of the Institute for 2018-2020 are:

• Combating discrimination and ensuring gender equality;

• Promoting the prevention of corruption in Ukraine;

• Promoting of judicial reform in Ukraine;

• Promoting criminal justice reform in Ukraine.

The Institute also carries out activities in drafting laws, conducting large-scale sociological research, organizing human rights activities, holding round tables, seminars, and professional training. The institute is active in publishing.

The Institute has extensive experience in monitoring judicial activities in various subjects: application of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, the practice of disciplinary bodies of judges, reform of the judiciary, prevention and combating corruption, application of criminal law by courts, etc.

Cooperation with the courts has been one of the Institute’s priorities since 2000. During this time, more than 200 events were held for courts of different jurisdictions in all regions of Ukraine (seminars, training, etc.), with the involvement of judges and court staff.

Professional examination of draft laws (election, migration, anti-corruption, criminal procedure legislation, issues of implementation of international treaties of Ukraine, etc.) is constantly carried out.