Institute of Applied Humanitarian Research

Institute of Applied  Humanitarian Research


The Institute for Applied Humanitarian Research was founded on November 30, 1998 by a group of Ukrainian lawyers, sociologists, and political scientists.

During its existence, the Institute has become one of the leading non-governmental research and training institutions in the country. The Institute has extensive professional experience in the preparation of basic analytical research that is essential for the development of Ukrainian legislation, in participation in the draft legislation, in conducting large-scale sociological research, in organizing human rights events, in round tables, seminars, and professional training. The institute is active in publishing.

The Institute of Applied Humanitarian Research was established in the organizational and legal form of a Civil Organization – a legal entity under the laws of Ukraine. The highest governing body of the Institute is the General Meeting of Participants. The governing body of the Organization, which is established by the Charter of the Institute, and acts in the manner and within the powers defined by Charter, and the decisions of the General Meeting of Participants in the Management Board. The executive body of the Organization is the Directorate, which is headed by the Executive Director of the Organization. The General Management of the Organization in the period between the meetings of the General Meeting of Participants and the Management Board is carried out by the Executive Director. The supervising body of the Organization is the Comptroller of the Organization, who is a person with control powers, authorized by the General Meeting of Participants to control the use of funds and financial documentation of the Organization.